Organic Vs. Digital
Live Dub & Electro

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About Tribase

We are a live dub & electro act based in Valencia - Spain.
Current lineup is Anthony Hall “Kungfu Ras”: singer & MC, Lucian Bucur “Luki”: bass & FX, Pau Adell “InborderDub”: keyboards, live samples & production.
It all started back in 2009 as an experiment, but soon we developed our characteristic “Organic vs. Digital” sound (a mix of dub, live electro and drum&bass), “got serious” and kept recording and playing gigs ever since.
During these 15 years we took our live shows to pubs, theaters and festivals all over Spain and Portugal (Rototom Sunsplash, International Dub Gathering, Viña Rock, Freekuency, L'Estrany etc).

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