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Anthony Hall “Kungfu Ras”: singer & MC

Lucian Bucur “Luki”: bass & FX

Pau Adell “Inborder Dub”: keyboards, live samples & production


TRIBASE is a multicultural band of 3 musicians based in Valencia (Spain) We started back in 2010 as an experimental project and little by little developed our characteristic “Organic vs. Digital” sound, a mix of dub, live electronics and drum & bass.

Our debut album “0.1” is released in 2014 and launched at L’Estrany Festival (Banyoles – Girona – Spain)

In 2021 La Panchita Records label publishes “Wicked” EP: with a special vinyl edition launched in march 2022.

In 2022 the single “Loveolution” is released:

We collaborate permanently with other artists: djs, singers, visual artists. (Zaira Zen, Rebel Brown, Baodub, Nacho Fuertes, Antzoni Rubio, Joël Llauro, DJ Elko, Paula Bam Bam, Payoh Soul Rebel etc.) and stay open to new collaborations.

Ours live shows are an explosion of energy, rhythm and color. During more than 10 years we played in numerous pubs, theaters and festivals in Valencia area, the rest of Spain and Portugal.

In 2018 Jamaican MC Kungfu Ras joins the TRIBASE family, giving the project a whole new dimension.

In 2019 drummer David van der Meer leaves the band and TRIBASE changes to an electronic set format, with invited musicians on drums for “full set” live shows.

TRIBASE supports free culture: we publish all our materials under a Creative Commons license.